Keep your home warm this winter with our HVAC services – Give us a call!

Call: (512) 696-6766

Keep your home warm this winter with our HVAC services – Give us a call!

Call: (512) 696-6766

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We Pride in Offering a Reliable HVAC Service in Pflugerville, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Whenever you need a reliable HVAC service in Pflugerville, TX, or its surrounding areas, you can turn to our professionals. At Cool Comfort Air Conditioning, LLC, we have more than 28 years of experience in HVAC services. Our technicians help you “keep your cool” during the hot summer days and keep warm during the chillier seasons with our advanced cooling and heating services.

Whether you need a quick fix for your AC unit, a heat pump replacement, or ductless heating and cooling installation, you can rely on us. With extensive experience in the HVAC industry, we are qualified to provide you with a personalized service that will guarantee your comfort all year round, no matter how harsh the weather outside.

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Comprehensive HVAC Solutions

Our technicians are qualified to handle all of your cooling and heating needs. Our top priority is providing solutions that you can rely on.

The services that we offer include:
  • HVAC Repair: Is your HVAC system leaking, making weird noises, or simply not cooling or heating as well as it used to? Allow our experts to get to the bottom of it. We specialize in residential and commercial HVAC repairs. Our experienced technicians handle all seasons heating and cooling, makes, and models.
  • HVAC Installation: Achieve a comfortable ambient temperature for your home or office with a top-of-the-line air conditioning and cooling system. We have the experience required to install different HVAC models.

Save Money on HVAC Services

Always on Time

Nothing is worse than a summer heat wave. If you’ve got a working air conditioner, then you know how important it is to keep your home cool during this time of year. But if your unit is broken, then it can be downright unbearable. Fortunately, you can count on us for top-notch HVAC repairs. Save time and money on your HVAC services by working with one of the leading cooling and heating companies in Pflugerville, TX. You can expect high-quality solutions and an excellent customer service experience when you work with us.

Get in touch with our experts and schedule an appointment. Free estimates are available upon your request for all our heating and air conditioning services. We also offer up to 10% off for the military.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying


    Leah Randall

    What an absolute gem of a human, I called in a rush because our power had stopped to our AC. I spoke with the owner who was about 45 min away. He stayed on the phone with me and facetimed to help me determine where the issue was. After determining what it was, he told me exactly what part I needed and how to fix it. It was not a short call. There are servicing people but then there are servicing people that are awesome humans. 5 stars and an always customer for any next hiccups!

    Google Review


    Kathryn Zoumboukos

    Eddy did a great job!!!

    Google Review


    Nathan Maya

    I have had AC problems for years now and have tired different companies. I am so happy to have found Cool Comfort, Eddie knew within 5 minutes what was wrong and got us taken care of fast. What a great company, I will be saving his card. Thank you for your friendliness and knowledge!

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    I’d like to thank Eddie for doing such great and professional work on our A/C. He came in such a timely manner and was very polite on answering any questions we had. I will highly recommend his service!! Our A/C is now working GREAT!!!

    Google Review


    Cyn Benavides

    I highly recommend Cool Comfort. Eddie came out on a Monday night and promptly fixed my issue. A float switch had been installed incorrectly and cut power to my unit. He was prompt and professional. Cool Comfort is my new to go AC and Heating service company.

    Google Review


    Natasha Moonka

    So, if I’m honest, I’m a pain in the ass. I’m price sensitive, I need someone to respond immediately, I care about quality, I want them to be friendly, and I need things explained to me like I’m a child, but you know, respectfully. So basically, I’m a business owners’ worst nightmare I’m sure. Eddie is my hero. I’ve relied on him for 2+ years now to maintain my old HVAC unit. He basically taught me the basic of homeownership when it comes to an HVAC unit so that I could take care of basic problems and avoid having things clog on me again. This was after he was able to come out same or next day, and found me cheap but practical solutions.
    Fast forward to this past Sunday. 8am we hear a clunk. Our A/C started blowing hot air. Uh oh. I remembered Eddie telling me the last time he was out that I would get another year or two-ish from my A/C…that was a year ago…so I texted him to see if he was available. He doesn’t work Sundays but said he would be happy to come out Monday, totally fair! Since it is super hot, we did go ahead and call another 24/7 to just see if it was a “quick fix”. It was not. We basically needed to replace the entire A/C unit and given the age of our furnace, they recommended doing both at the same time if we planned to stay in our house (we do). I asked them to send me the estimate and they said they would on Monday. I texted Eddie to let him know the situation and see if we could get an estimate from him too since I knew I trusted him. The next 48 hours was a bunch of quick back and forth while he got info from us, worked around our schedule, got the estimates for us and the new units, and installed. It’s now Tuesday night, and we have a brand new system up and running. Even after working all day in the heat, when he was done, he took his time to show us every detail of our new system, walk us through other recommendations to keep it up and running and close us out.
    I knew I trusted Eddie and he proved me right yet again! He’s also just so damn friendly and kind. He’s worth every penny and will work his butt off for your business. Thank you Eddie for saving my week!

    Google Review


    Noelle Gallardo

    I called Cool Comfort one evening when our a/c went out. Eddie showed up first thing the next morning. He looked everything over and then fully explained to us exactly what was wrong with our upstairs unit, how it likely happened, and how to keep it from happening again. He fixed the unit with parts he had on hand, which was great because we didn’t have to wait for him to go out and order or buy the parts. He fixed what was wrong and charged us much less than we were expecting. We couldn’t have been more pleased. I highly recommend Cool Comfort Air Conditioning. I tell all my friends and neighbors about them. At least three of my neighbors use Cool Comfort now. And they’re just as pleased as I am.

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    Matthew Reineke

    Eddie was patient with me over the phone as I tried to trouble shoot my AC issue. After trying everything I was comfortable with, he arranged to come to my home at my convenience, even off his scheduled hours if I needed. He was prompt, highly knowledgeable and got my AC back up and running at a great price. He was also very friendly to my overly curious children as they watched him work. Couldn’t have gone any better.

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    Daniella Daniella

    I would like to thank Eddie for responding so quickly Friday when our AC went out. He located the issue right away and was able to have our AC running again in just a couple of hours !!!Thanks Cool Comfort

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    Robert G

    Eddie is great. My upstairs AC went out late at night. Called Eddie the next morning, explained the problem, and he said he would come straight over. He arrived promptly and figured out the issue almost immediately. Turns out a wire had gone bad on the compressor, he replaced it, and everything was back up and running. Very happy I gave him a call.

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    Jacque Bradley

    Eddie works very efficient and loves what he does. He explains the whole process. He actually showed me some things I didn’t even know about the A/C. The part that was needed was under warranty and Eddie took care of everything. I will be calling him in the future.

    Google Review


    Ian Mitchell

    I had Eddie work on our AC unit several years back. He was able to get us up and running running for a reasonable price. He did a great job of helping us through the options. I was impressed enough that now that our AC went down again after the recent storms I looked him up as I trust his judgement and work ethic.

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